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The most efficient direct marketing platform

Driven by real-time user demands

GmeSide is the only platform that provides personalized notifications that help you decide what games to air

Benefits Of GmeSide

Attract larger crowds and sports fans

Connect to customers with offers based on their past dining history and sports interests.

Acquire High-Value Customers

Leverage AI to identify high-value customers for your venue

Target lucrative demographics

Our user analytics identifies preferred groups to target

Differentiate Your Venue

Ongoing marketing through features including promotional map icons and menu specials

Link Online & Offline Sports Event Campaigns

Personalized campaigns to create hype around sporting events
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Only way to connect to sports fans

Get real time data on what fans want to watch, eat, and drink in your area.
Insights From GmeSide

Measure performance and drive incrementality

GmeSide’s members create their profile in our platform giving us a 360° view of their preferences

True incremental performance

Our user feedback provides transparency in increased foot traffic and the accuracy of the airing schedule

Access to actionable customer insights

Get trends and customer insights using qualitative and quantitative analytics