About GmeSide

We believe every restaurateur shouldn’t have to make any compromises on exceptional customer experience.

GmeSide is a platform that allows your business to separate itself from the competition. Bringing you real time information on what’s trending in the sports world and what people are looking to watch right now. If you are a restaurant or bar that uses sports entertainment to attract crowds, the GmeSide app was designed by you for you.

Originally founded to solve a problem millions of sports fans face all throughout the year, GmeSide connects users with restaurants and bars airing games they want to watch. Allowing them to seamlessly check menu specials, get directions and invite friends all through the app.

In any business, downtime is a buzz kill, especially when sports fans are going from bar to bar to finally giving up and watching the game at home. This missed opportunity reduces foot traffic, impacts sales, and creates waste of all the expensive sports packages that are subscribed to for those same guests that can’t find what they want.

Don’t wait for the phone to ring to change the channel, get the GmeSide app and know exactly what your customers want.

The Dream Team

Delip Chook

CEO & President

With ongoing business travel throughout my professional career, I would always stumble upon the same frustrating problem – being in a cool city and not knowing where to catch the game.

F1 Team – Renault

Roomi Khurshid

Chief Design Officer

Sports enthusiast with mobile offices everywhere the games are on. Nemesis of bars that don’t know what channel is playing The Raptors.

Real Madrid & Raptors

Allen Liu

VP Business Development

I speak two universal languages – sports and math.
And I’m pretty damn good at both.

Novak Djokovic – ATP

Pratiman Shahi

VP Product & Operations

Living in four different countries and moving from one city to another, sports was the one common interest I found to make new friends. 

FC Barcelona